Technical Assistant to Executives

Abuja, Federal Capital Territory
Work Type: Full Time

We are looking for a Technical Assistant to the Executive who will drive initiatives in the Technology Team to benefit realization using 4DX, and in so doing, help the team and organization achieve her results.


Strategic Work:

1. Execute your deliverables using the 4DX framework and approved system at work.

2. Manage the Executive’s cadence schedules and ensure none is missed

3. Assist in developing, communicating and updating process and policies for the technology teams, and driving adoption of same across the organization.

4.Receive specific requests and direction from supervisors an execute and report with minimal supervision.

5. Manage project planning, tracking and timely delivery for specified initiatives or deliverables

6. Recommend specific improvement interventions based on interaction with technology team members and provide records and insight to executive for planning and decision making

7.Keep abreast of new and emerging technologies, and other developments in other areas of work

8. Assist to follow up with and manage the welfare and wellbeing of technology team members



Tactical Work: 


1. Setup meetings, document proceedings and action steps and follow through. Attend meetings in place of superior where required.  

2. Manage daily tracking and reporting of team members’ tasks (beginning and end of day)


3. Prepare and send periodic reports to specified stakeholders


4. Maintain a training requirement and career progression matrix for technology team members and track training progress, and report on it monthly




                                                 1. Track record of driving initiatives to benefit realization


2. Can work with minimal supervision

3. Excellent communication skills


4. Good time management skills


5. Attention to details


6. Can work well under pressure and respects timelines


7. Proficiency with word processing and spreadsheet tools and


database systems


8. Proficiency in technical writing and ability to read and


understand technical documentation


9. Good interpersonal skills and team management and motivation




10. High level of discretion in handling sensitive information learned


in the course of work.

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